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Sentna_-_Bi pressure Elevator  EP (Soundmute Recordings)

01_ Bi-pressure elevator
02_ Digital consumption

Sentna's second Ep on Soundmute Rec! The outstanding techno producer from Greece again gives us amazing experience with his adorable techno wheels!

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V/A Mature behavior (Soundmute Recordings)

Track List:
01. Chitoon - Low
02. Himmelkompass - Zeitnot
03. Rezolut - Assorted
04. Sentna - THX1138
05. Le Saboteur - The Harbinger
06. Excizen - Rauschsperre
07. Opsy - Kommar Pneumatik
08. Quite-K - Another Sign
09. Pallida - Soul Diving

Dear friends,
We are about to offer you one unique experience for Christmas. Brand new techno trance compilation to end this year in big style. Most of you will be thrilled with this amazing cup of mature sound which demand mature behavior on the dance floor. We are so glad that you will enjoy winter days and nights with pure club and festival stormers from this release.
Love you all with all of our hearts.
Soundmute team.

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Sentna Remix for Virgil Enzinger's ''Odic Force'' free track!

Here is Sentna's track for Virgil Enzinger's ''Odic Force'' remix contest that took place in Blind Spot Music and Radio Show . You can download it for free!!!!
Here is the  Wave  format and mp3 from soundcloud!!!!

Sentna_-_Cyclic Motion Machines EP

01 - Cyclic Motion Machines
02 - Malfunction 
03 - Soulcube

This time Sentna will treat us with brand new EP on our label which brings to us enormous energy from beats to melodies.
Sharp and clean only for you!!!!
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Sentna_-_Monotonic Function Of Theta

01 - Monotonic Function Of Theta 
02 - What's Wrong With The Planet 
03 - Full Off (Moving Your Head) 
04 - Escaping Velocity 
05 - Big Electron 
06 - The Never Body 
07 - Spinning Molecules 

Monotonic Function Of Theta is the third solo album by Sentna (Apostolis K.), a Greek producer specializing in a heavy-handed variety of psychedelic techtrance. Released by Ektoplazm, this mini-album bristles with raw industrial power, dirty atmospheres, razor-sharp leads, and a full-on drive. Mastered by Southwild (Jay Kerner) with cover art by Sentna.

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Sentna_-_Tech Nald

01 - Darf Naroin
02 - Tech Nald
03 - Xard Qcuxe
04 - JZ
05 - Xteq Nasrex
06 - Inside 0
07 - Earp Sarva 


This is the second Sentna album release by Psychotropic Records. Mainly the style is psychedelic tech trance, atmospheric with weird mechanical sounds. Recordings took place at Zero Point Studios and the overall production made by Flowers In Concrete Pro.

Samples are taken from:

01............Film Blueberry
02............(O.S.T. Blueberry)Energia Shamanica
03............(O.S.T. Blueberry)The Spirits Of The Plants
04............Film Blueberry
06............Film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
07............Documentary Alien Dreamtime
(an experimental documentary featuring spoken word by Terence Mckenna)

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01 - Kahos Ekenza
02 - The Way Back To The Center
03 - Four Dimentions
04 - I Think You Do Care
05 - Ant Dance
06 - Etenoha
07 - Nuhlimkilaka
08 - Grandfather Peyote

This is the, two years old, Sentna's debut album, Nuhlimkilaka (bringer of confusion). It has been released by Psychotropic Records and it sounds like organic shamanistic psy techno. The thematic focus in Native Americans Tribes philosophy and culture.

Samples are taken from:

01..........Natural Born Killers
04..........The Brave
08..........Dead Man

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V.A._-_Ohm2 (cosmic flower records)

20 tracks for Ohm2, free stuff from free mind talented free musicians from whole of the world.Compilation is selected in 4 parts, you can listen music tracks you never listen before.You can relax and listen, the intro wave the beginning relax, fly into cosmos of sounds, neutron feelings of the Ohm2, the tunes for love, the rhythm of the cosmic motions.We would like to thanks to all artists you can listen for their music and for their thinking, that this is free as native, free as their minds.


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